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Each entry has an equal chance of winning in most drawings. That said, there are several types of raffles which use different settings and entries can have different chances of winning: The more tickets you buy the higher chance to win. Purchasers of expensive...

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Live Events

The Live Events module provides an easy way how to present drawings at your meeting, during the streaming or for other situations. How it works This module uses the same drawing method as common RandomPicker drawings, but it adds the visual layer. All winners are...

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Entries, Participants, Import

RandomPicker works with two types of information about the entries or participants - public information and internal notes. The public information can be visible in the table of winners. Internal note is not publicly visible After you import the list from your excel...

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Project Setup & Prizes

Click on "Create new" button to add a new draw project, on My account or My projects page. You need to set up the new draw project first: Project name Chance of winning Random method Terms and Condictions WWW link Project type - draw winners or sport draw Prizes If...

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How RandomPicker Works

RandomPicker is an online tool which helps choose random winners. It is a server application, you don't need to install anything on your computer, everything runs online on secure servers. There are a few easy steps to conduct an unbiased draw in RandomPicker: Create...

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Collection Widget and Landing Page

A widget allows you to embed a simple form on your website so people can submit their entry directly to RandomPicker. Here is how it looks like: How to set up the widget: Go to the Overview page of your project. You can find the Widget button in the section 2: Add,...

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Nonprofit plan

The initial free plan has a limit of 100 entries and provides only limited features.  We ♥ like nonprofits and we want to support people who help others. That's why we give them the special plan with higher limits and advanced features (widget, live events). Who will...

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Random number generator

There are several ways how to randomly choose winners. RandomPicker uses several approaches: GUID - Pseudorandom Numbers According their name those numbers are not fully random. They are the result of a specific computer algorithm. It is easier to generate...

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